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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 1, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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she stared down a bear and lived to tell the story of it. this former member of the u.s. ski team joins us live. hi, everybody. hope you have a great weekend. welcome to msnbc. i'm thomas roberts. the leaders of washington have reached a compromise to avert another financial catastrophe. it is unclear whether they have the votes to seal the deal. meetings are happening everywhere on capitol hill. senate republicans just finished their deal. senate democrats are getting the latest from harry reid. they signed off with president obama after a weekend of back and forth attacks and dualing deals in both chambers. the political clashes ended with word from the commander and chief late last night. >> is this the deal i would have preferred? no. i believe we could have made the tough choices required on entitlement reform and tax reform right now. we are not done yet. i want to urge members of both
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parties to do the right thing and support this deal with your votes over the next few days. >> our team is where the action is across washington. luke russert is on capitol hill with more on the scramble for the votes and our kristen welker is at the white house with the president's role in this deal. we are going to start with luke. senate majority leader, harry reid spoke earlier this morning. let's take a listen. >> over the years, things have been much worse than they have been in washington the last three months. i am not proud of the conflict we have had these last many months but i'm satisfied that we have been able too come together to find a solution. >> luke, explain the magic number that both chambers need to get this passed. also, explain what are the sticking points for some. >> in the senate, 60 votes for closure and one parliamentary procedural vote and then the majority. in the house, 216. the first question, though, we don't have an teens is which party is going to go first.
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it is presumed the united states senate will take the first vote, because there is going to be more republican support over there. the idea being that the senate would go first and get about 70-75 senators voting in favor of this with the idea that the republican senators can say to the congress and the house, i am from the same state you are, i support it, please get on board. that's kind of a whipping strategy. in the house, it comes 216. yesterday, as soon as the information about this deal was coming out, i spoke to folks on the left and folks on the right who immediately had problems. folks on the left saying the president went way too far over to the republican side and gave away way too much in terms of spending. that cuts were going to come about on some very much liberal cherished programs. on the republican side, a lot of folks said people are already saying this is not a good deal for us. it leaves the possibility of tax increases later on, eve thoen there are no tax increases in the deal. there is a wore that because
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revenue could be on the table with this super commission that i'm sure kristen will talk about that that could be an issue. the real question now is, can john boehner, a man who took him three votes to get to 216 with the republican bill. can he clideliver what a lot of folks expect to be 120, 130 of the republican conference for this debt compromise? can nancy pelosi deliver, 90, 95, 100 votes. nancy pelosi is a very talented vote counter. vice president biden coming to the hill to sell the deal. john boehner, he had some trouble last week. can he do it? that's the magic question. no one really knows. >> we continue to wait and watch. luke russert on capitol hill. luke, thanks. i want to turn to the white house and find out what's going on there. the president's top adviser doubting out the averted default and doing so. take a listen.
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>> each member is going to have to evaluate this. we sthi ththink that this is an agreement that will pass the house and the president will sign it into law. >> the white house is taking a lot of heat. they are not happy about this deal. how are things there coming from the white house in terms of responding to this criticism? >> reporter: hi, there, thomas. as you point out, progressives say that this deal slashes too much government spending without creating taxes. white house officials and the folks that worried to hammer out this deal say that's what compromise looks like. you hear the president and congressional leaders admit this is not the perfect deal. this he do think this is the deal that will get through both chambers. let's take a look at what this does. it basically has two steps. the first step, you see the debt
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ceiling increase through the 2012 elections. that would be matched with an equal number of cuts. about $1 trillion in cuts to defend and discretionary spending. president obama was ad dam that he wanted to see it increase through the 2012 year. you had republicans insisting that they were matched by an equal number of cuts. in the second step, you are going to see the formation of a super committee, a bipartisan committee that's going to come together and be charged with identifying another ruffle $1.5 trillion in cuts. this is where the interesting part comes in, because they are going to be able to look at entitlement reforms as well as tax reforms. now, if they can't identify the cuts by this november, a trigger is going to go off. that trigger is going to set off more cuts to defense spending and discretionary spending.
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the argument is that those cuts would be so abhorrent to both sides that they will do whatever they can to prevent it. i want to reiterate what luke said, vice president biden is on the hill trying to sell this deal. >> kristen, let's have oefsh take a look at what the white house and democrats have recreted on. first up, a push for a clean debt ceiling race, the size of the spending cuts, insisting that tax revenues be included. when we look at those three, is the white house hoping that the critical independents that he needs in 2012 will see him as the reasonable person in the room, actually governing to get something done? >> reporter: well, i think the president and the white house certainly tried to have that stance throughout this entire process and they would probably push back on the suggestion a little bit that the white house had given too much. they would argue that that super committee that's going to be finding more cuts to entitlement or i shouldn't say cuts. reforms to entitlements, won't be allowed to touch social
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security or impact the beneficiaries of medicare. there is a little bit of back and forth there. they are hoping that independents understand they need to compromise to get this deal done. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. >> congressman peter welch is a member of the caucas that was undecided on the bill. he joins us now. one of the co-chairs of the progressive caucus says. >> sir, do you echo that sentiment? as you say, you are undecided right now? >> this bill is a baby only its mother can love. the positive in this, of course, is that it resolves the debt ceiling crisis and puts off the question of another debt ceiling debacle until after the next
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election. that's the good news. the bad news is that as a long-term fiscal blueprint, i think it comes up short, particularly on the question of balanced revenues. the president and many of us have been arguing that we have to clean up the tax code. revenues have be to be a part of the solution. it is theoretic cli possible but practically unlikely. the defense cut trigger is going to be opposed by mr. mccann, the chair of armed services committee. there are many democrats opposed to that. so that threat may end up being a gun that's not loaded. >> i want to play for you a sound bite from gene sperling who directs the president's national economic council. this is what he had to say on "morning joe." i want to talk to you about it after. >> not allowing deep medicaid cuts that would hurt with disabilities or seniors in nursing home, not a penny. the president didn't give one inch. in terms of voucherizing medicare, the president didn't give an inch.
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he made very clear while he was willing to compromise, he was not willing to allow anyone to hold our economy or our government hostage by using the threat of default. >> sir, explain, as a member of the progressive caucus, what more could the president have done for progressive priorities in this deal. >> well, part of what mr. sperling said, i agree with. the president held firm on medicaid and those low-income programs. the question of the hostage-taking, this is actually very serious question for the country. because, in fact, the republicans were successful in using our full-faith and credit obligation to pay our bills successfully to get their rue son the economy. what you have now is a situation where a willful majority in the house or a very willful minority in the senate will be able to insist on getting their way in exchange for us paying our bills. so, frankly, that is something that is very disturbing and should be to the country and to fiscal stability going forward. >> when we talk about paying our bills, the biggest sticking
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point is the fact that we don't have tax revenue. so when we do see these spending cuts, the one big missing x component to make some money is to pay these bills. how is the progressive caucus going to organize itself to get over that sticking point? >> we haven't been briefed on the bill. we are going to the caucus at noon. there is a very difficult challenge for the country, not just progressive caucus or democrats. bottom line, we have to pay our bills. we can't default. on the other hand, we need a long-term fiscal plan. the only way you are going to get from here to there is to include revenues, clean up the tax code and get rid of the deductions that everybody knows are table. so we've got a lot of work to do. the question is, pick your poison. vote for this to avert default but accept a very, i think, limited bargain going forward on a fiscal plan. so this is going to be what we discussed at caucus an time will tell. >> congressman welch, thank you,
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sir, for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> lamb basted by the left, president obama is facing heat from staunch progressives. who are the winners and losers as congress prepares to vote on this final deal? >> let's take a look at the markets, how are they responding today? red arrows across the board so far on this sunday among. we are going to talk about cnbc's ron osana. are hotdogs just as dangerous as cigarettes? not good news for your summer barbecue just ahead. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information.
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democrat, emanuel cleaver did not sugar-coat his feelings. >> on the surface, it looks like a satan sandwich. if i were a republican, i would be dancing in the streets. i don't have any idea what the republicans wanted that they didn't get. >> we have a democratic strategist and republican strategist this morning. >> we hear the congressman calling this a satan sandwich. it is not satin, a satan sandwich. did democrats get the short end of the stick or did they compromise? >> i would argue they compromised, a bit too much. i wouldn't go as far as to say it was a satan sandwich. there are clearly some winners and losers out there. they have come out with a big winner. peen while, working for middle
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class people and small business owners. we are the ones doing the bulk of the sacrificing. >> senator bob corker said this. >> this is not sch that made much of a dent. they had to put all on the debt issue. this is in essence is a punt. all of those that care so deeply about deficit spending, the lasting impression we are giving the world, potentially talking about downgrading our credit rating, we need to make some money. that is through revenues we are not going to get. >> senator corker is right. all we are doing is kicking the can down the road. i think tara and i would both
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agree, both sides, republicans and democrats, can't be happy. the republicans are happy we don't have a tax increase. we haven't addressed the major issues we want to have dealt with, which is entitlements. a kick down the road. i'm not happy with it. >> so many people are saying a signed of a good compromise is when both walk away not ge getting what they want. the president is getting heat from progressives on the left that he let them walk all over them? is that the impression people are going to get? >> i think the democratic party is extremely heterogenus. some believe that the president gave away way too much. some believe he had to compromise bausz the republicans control the house. they made it quite certain they would allow us to default and all the repercussions that come with it. they would allow that to happen to protect the wealthiest
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americans. the biggest issue here is jobs. on the one hand, that is good. we can move on to talking about what we need to talk about. that's jobs. on the bright side, social security is protected, at least for now. medicaid is protected and some of the programs for the most vulnerable have been protected. those are good and positive. they got their way. that's what everybody is facing. the tea party did not blink. they stood firm and guarded together. when we look at the 11th-hour deal werks sti deal, we still don't know how it is going to come off. do you think it is wreckless of the tea party to remain uncompromising? >> absolutely not. they said the size and scope of the government was too much. >> on this deal? >> i think if they were not
8:19 am
yielding, they were not compromising, if they hadn't been as firm as they were, we wouldn't have had this deal. we would have had a tax increase and not nearly the cap we put on spending. >> who comes out the bigger winner, mitch mcconnell or john boehner? >> john boehner, of course. president obama has shown his unwillingness to lead. you had the congress that came forward. i think senator mcconnell, senator reed, john boehner are real winners. >> i would say overall, i don't think any of them won. a lot have taken a hit public opinionwise. the focus is jobs. that's what we should be talking about. >> which they haven't focused on. >> hopefully, we will. >> guys, thank you so much. appreciate it as always. house democratic caucus members will meet behind closed doors with vice president joe biden at noon eastern. about 40 minutes from now, we can expect to hear from them and the vice president at 1:00 p.m.
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eastern. we will cover it right here live on msnbc. has this flip-flop landed him in hot water? >> face to face with a black bear, what would you do? would you even know what to do? one woman fought back. she is going to join me live to tell us her harrowing tale. that's next. you name it. i've tried it. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas.
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casey anthony is being forced out of hiding. an orange county judge signed amended court documents that he says will have the effect of requiring her to serve one year
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of supervised probation. this is what the judge originally intended back when he s sentenced her. she pleaded guilty of 13 counts of check braud. on a different note this morning, a montana woman out for her morning jog found herself in a very dangerous situation on friday, between a mother black bear and her cubs. annie haas is a former champion skier on the u.s. national team. not even she could out run the bear. she turned and faced it down. not only did she survive, she made off with no more than sdra scratches on her arm as well as on her chest. she joins me in the studio now to talk about what happened to her on friday. >> it is great to see you here. >> as we can see, the left of you is pretty much what got the worst and some marks on your chest. >> she got me there as well. >> you were out hiking or running on this trail, a place you were familiar with. >> i was just running, like you
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said, my morning run. i kind of saw to my right that these two little cubs skracramb up the tree. i thought she was going to turn and run. she turn and ran for me. my first instinct, i started running. i tried to get out of her territory as quick as i thought. i thought maybe she would leave me alone. i turned and she was right behind me. that's when i turned and said, running from a wild animal is not going to happen. i am not going to outrun it. i turned and stopped and that's when she first lunged for me. i was lucky she was the size she was, because i was able to strike her in the head a few times. the second time i hit her, she fell down on to all fours and i was able to grab a rock. i threw that at her. that made her more aggressive. so she came at me again. i tried to be as aggressive as i could be thinking she would back
8:26 am
down. luckily, she stopped attacking me and that's when i calmed down and start the barking up and tried to get some space between us. she charged me a few times and turned and went back to her cubs. i was able to run the rest of the way to the car. >> how did you get the frame of mind to stop running and to turn around, because i think for a lot of us, the reaction would be fight or flight, to flee and get out of there. that is something that would encourage the bear to chase after you. you knew to stand your ground. >> growing up in montana, you always hear about animals. you are in the whild a lild a l. i thought, what have you heard, what to do in that attack? >> i heard, be as big and aggressive as possible and that's what i tried to do? realizing when i calmed down, she would back off. so i sort of just tried to
8:27 am
interpret the situation i was in as best as i could. you know, you just have no idea really. i was just kind of running on adrenaline and instinct. that instinct the she had to protect her young. you found that same instinct the to protect myself coming out. i am so lucky. i got so lucky. >> i know this brings up your own mortality. before i go, i want to talk to you about jeret "speedarrett sp peterson, the talented owe lily who committed suicide. how would you like him to be remembered? >> the best thing about him was his smile. he smiled with his eyes. he did so many amazing things throughout his career. he had a very memorable life. i was looking on facebook the
8:28 am
other day. remembering all the great things and funny videos of him. that's how he needs to be remembered. i hope that, you know, my condolences go out to his family, of course, and all those close to him. you realize in that situation how blessed you are to have a life. for me, i have a life that i wanted to defend. i just wish him peace and i know that he was an amazing person. that's what needs to be remembered about him. >> we are really glad you are here to talk to us about speedy and more importantly to talk to us about what you went through. >> thanks for having me. >> we were talking about this during the break. you have invested in nieosporin band-aids. >> you look great. thanks for coming in. really nice to meet you. >> thanks for having me. thank you.
8:29 am
president obama has no public appearances on the schedule today but we are going to be watching the white house press briefing that's happening in this hour. could he come out and help push along the messy process of getting a debt deal to the finish line? >> this process has been messy. it has taken far too long. i have been concerneded about the impact that it has had on business confidence and consumer confidence and the economy as a whole over the last month. >> also, we are going to go take a visit to our friends over at cnbc for a visit about markets. take a look. red arrows across the board. could there still be a chance we lose our a aaa credit rating. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it.
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8:33 am
camera and update us if he is able to secure his 216 votes needed for passage. we will bring you all that live. >> breaking news on the debt deal. the cbo, congressional budget office, just scored this compromise. joining me is cnbc contributor ron ansana. what are they saying? >> they are saying in the first year, the savings are about $21 billion. to a certain extent, some may find it reassuring that it won't be heavy spending cuts at a time when the economy might be weakening. we have gone to concern about the deficit and now the recession. the dow is at a 200-point turn around because the manufacturing data shows that the manufacturing sector of the economy is close to contracting again. the lowest level we have seen this index at in two years. a very difficult balancing act. as long as the cuts are in the out years, at least that takes a little pressure off the economy.
8:34 am
>> ron, when we talk about the fact of the credit rating for the country being downgraded, the potential of that still moving forward or do you think we will get through unscathed. >> the debt-rating agencies will have to back away. it is at least a semi serious effort to move forward and cut spending and reduce the deficit over time i think there will be no down great of the u.s. aaa credit rating the treasury had. they may put us on negative watch which if they go off the rails at some point along the way, the threat of a downgrade returns. it is interesting, thomas, the bond market interest rates have been falling rather than rising which shows that the bond market is more worried about the weakness and economic growth than it was worried about the prospects of a downgrade from the agency ratings. it is shifting from worries
8:35 am
about the economy to worries over what's going on in washington. >> ran insana, great to see you. >> thank you. republican leaders trying to wrangle support for the debt deal from their members. joining me now is republican congressman from new york, michael graham. nice to have you on with me. you have heard that the cbo score has come out. what is reaction to how michele bachmann is saying she is going to vote no on this. where do you stand? >> i will be supporting this bill like i supported the boehner bill. the reason for that is there was no way we were going to get everything we wanted. this is far from perfect. am i happy over this? no but it is a still in the right direction. for the first time, we are getting serious about cutting our spending. for the first time in history, i think it is historic. it is historic, we are going to increase the debt ceiling, yes, but we are going to have more in
8:36 am
cuts than we are increasing the debt ceiling. that's never been done in our history. that is a step in the right direction. >> sir, you were ushered into your seat through tea party support. do you think that the overall reaction to what's happening with the tea party, their representation in the house as it is, is going to be something that people look upon favorably when they see a deal like this going through or is there sort sort of backlash when they say the tea party held the nation hostage? >> i think you will have mixed reviews. we live in the most diversified country in the world. that's being reflected in this debate. that's what our founding fathers wanted. one thing i like about the tea party, they have a tremendous respect for the constitution. the constitution was set up this way so we would have robust debate, so that not one party could influence the other too much. you would have to come together in a partner shes to move your country forward not backwards. now, we are starting to see a
8:37 am
forward movement. i think that those in the tea party and those in the republican party, democratic party, independents, all of those individuals will come to terms with the fact that we are finally moving in the right direction. again, far from perfect. not as much cuts as i wanted. at the same time, we have to be cognizant of the fact that we have a very, very fragile economy. anything we do, we have to look at entire picture. we do not want this economy to go back into a deep recession. that is a possibility. the other thing is, we don't want to lose our aaa rating to. balance all these things is very, very difficult. i think speaker boehner has done a good job. again, not everything we wanted. a step in the right direction. for the first time, we are listen tog the american people. the american people have spoken. i made a commitment to listen to them and finally, we are doing that. >> we know that the house is going to be voting first on this. we weren't sure whether the senate was going to vote first or the house. we are just hearing that the house will vote first. as you said, you are a vote for yes, correct? >> yes.
8:38 am
my understanding is that that decision was just made. i was in the room when the decision was made, about 15 minutes ago. i think it is important that the house does vote first symbolically, the house has been leading on this issue. i came to congress to lead. that's why i feel comfortable going first. >> we are going to let you go, congressman grimm. nice to see you this morning, thanks. one xoe ent could include across-the-board budget cuts that has state lawmakers wondering if some of their federal funding will dry up. sheila leslie said, we have the potential for disaster. should there be a major realignment in federal funding. joining me now is former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell, an nbc news political analyst. governor, it is nice to see you. president obama said this deal would mean the lowest level of domestic spending since
8:39 am
eisenhower. what does it mean for the states? >> a lot of federal support that goes directly into state programs is going to be cut as well. there are pretty much everything is going to be can over the course of time. the good news, ask that nevada state senator to take a deep bret. with the cbo report that you just said of only $21 billion in cuts this first year, states are not going to absorb dramatic, drastic level of cuts in their programs. there is just not enough money in that $21 billion, because it will be across the board, to affect the money that states get as a very high level. >> whether we talk about specifically the funding where states could find their losses, specifically, where would they be? >> it could be in anything from transportation to welfare programs to medicaid. you name it. none of those cuts are easy to take. many of those cuts will mean additional layoffs. again, $21 billion across the board extrapolates out to
8:40 am
farrell insignificant cuts for the states. you know, it is interesting, thomas, there are a lot of my progressive democrat friends who are angry about this, didn't think that a deal that includes no revenue increases is a proper deal, that poor and vulnerable people are bearing the brunt of this. they are all right. i would urge all of them to hold their noses and vote yes. i think it is just too important. we can not let the country defaud default. we have to save that fight for another day. the good news is there will be other fights. the way this is structured, the big fight will be when the 12 members of congress come back with their report as to cuts and revenue. that's where the big fight will occur. i think to my progressive members and particularly my pennsylvania colleagues, i would urge them to vote yes right now. we have been responsible. i think democrats have always been responsible during this process. we have been the adults in the room and we should keep that up
8:41 am
by voting to support this bill. >> do you think with the president extending the bush tax cuts and now that there is no revenue in this, that basically the president is drawing a line in the sand for the future to say, i have given in to you so many times, when it comes up the next time, revenue is going to be on the table and we are gog raise taxes. >> i think we live to fight another day on those issues. this business that raising taxes in a bad economy is going to hurt the economy. it is going to hurt the job creators, let me give you a few statistics on think progress website. in the top five years of job growth, in the last 60 years, the marginal tax rate was 70%. the top 10 are marginal tax rates. at the top was over 50%. our two worst years, '08 and '09, the marginal tax rate was 35%. for the last 13 years, only one of those 13 years would have a job growth rate that would make
8:42 am
the top 20 in the past 60 years. now, there are many things that go into job growth. to say that higher taxes will kill job creation is not supported by the facts one iota's worth. >> governor ed render, great to see you this morning, thanks. >> my pleasure. >> a bizarre new detail in the case of a missing new hampshire girl. her stepfather was rushed to the hospital after being caught on tape falling to the ground. we are going to bring you an update on the case, which is now moving into its second week. every day, all around the world,
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diabetes testing? what else is new? you get the blood, hope it's enough, it's-- what's this? freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, i'll try it, but-- [beep] wow. yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. it's like it-- [both] targets the blood. yeah, draws it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of one touch.® okay. freestyle test strips. i'll take 'em. sure. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. can't i just have these? freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. the family of a missing girl in new hampshire is desperate for clues and answers. police are indicating there is something of interest at a river dam less than a mile from the family's home. we are hearing there is a growing police presence within the area of the dam itself. celina's stepfather was taken to
8:46 am
the hospital by local paramedics, earlier after he had been caught on camera of the stepfather collapsing to the ground. there it is. we are going to pass along the latest details as soon as we get them. this fairly heifervy poliavy po presence around a river dam, less than a mile away from where celina cass lives. we will bring you more as soon as we get it. here are other headlines we are watching in the news. after four decades, an emfamilieinfamous cold case is heating up. the suspect, d.b. cooper, demanded $200,000 in ransom and parachuted from the jet. the summer season, it isn't over just yet. it might be august the 1st but you never know where all the
8:47 am
hotdogs are going be eaten at the next barbecue. a doctors group said that hotdogs are just as bad for you as cigarettes. the group has brought a new billboard to make its case. a picture of a hotdog listed there in cigarette packs inscribed with skull and cross bones. other health experts say that hotdog lovers don't have to go as far as eliminating them. you just have to eat them in moderation. >> i grew up on franks and beans. that was a staple. a was a picky eater. >> a busy day. here is what's happening. a lot to watch that we are watching for you in the live feed news that you don't want to miss out on. take a look at this first, what we are expecting to see later today is the story that we have all been following. the debt vote. right now, white house president secretary, jay carney, is answering questions about what happened during all the back room dealings this past weekend. vice president biden is meeting
8:48 am
now with democratic caucuses and he is expected to speak coming up at 1:00 p.m. house speaker, john boehner, holding a mandatory house gop conference in less than an hour. he still faces an uphill battle trying to secure the 216 votes needed to pass. he is going to speak live at 1:30 p.m. we are back with what's more. keep it right here. [ man ] this is my robot butler. say i'm missing england. i type in e-n-g... and he gives me a variety of options. would you like to have a look at a map, my lad? ah, why not? shall we check on the status of your knighthood? yes. again? yes, again, please! thank you. with my digital manservant, i'll never be homesick again. would you like me to put the kettle on, sir? no, i'd like you to get rid of that ostrich. it's been here a month. [ male announcer ] think, type, go. with just type.
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welcome back, everybody. a lot that we're watching in washington, d.c. today. just wanted to update you that we are expecting a briefing from the white house. we got the two-minute warning just moments ago, that's on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. on the right-hand side of your screen, we are waiting for vice president biden to speak coming up at 1:00. he's meeting at noontime with democratic caucus members. everybody inching this debt deal forward. we're going to wait and see exactly how everything cracks out. we did get information earlier that the house is going to be casting votes for first.
8:52 am
in other news, mitt romney is weighing in on the debt deal. the gop front runner took 12 hours to decide how he would respond with the washington compromise. romney said in a statement quote, president obama's leadership failure has pushed the economy to the brink at the 11th hour and 59th minute. i appreciate the extraordinarily difficult situation president obama's lack of leadership with his republican members of congress, i personally cannot support this deal. texas governor rick perry got him in some hot water when the subject turned to marriage equality. he surprised conservatives who saw a statement over the weekend when perry discussed new york's decision to make same-sex marriage law. saying quote, that's new york's and that's their business and that's fine with me. let's bring in mark murray. mark, perry changed his tune and did so pretty quickly when we
8:53 am
talked to the family research council. he said he probably needed to add a few words that it's fine with me. and he said it's fine with me that a state is using their coverage rights to decide an issue. how big of a gap is this for the governor to overcome? >> it's a huge gaffe. it does show limits of the streak of libertarian that's now part of the tea party and republican part. we've heard over the last two years with republicans complaining of the increase of the federal government during the obama administration that states should be able to have a big say in things that aren't directly spelled out in the constitution invoking the 10th amendment to the constitution. rick perry was talking about that when he was defending new york's gay marriage law. as you can see with such the evangelicals and social conservatives having such a big impact in the republican party, including iowa, that a republican presidential can only
8:54 am
go so far. pointing out that perry's not yet in, he's certainly acting like one, particularly with this little back track. >> it's important to point out in iowa same sex marriage is legal. so that should be interesting. but anyway, this is really big news because of perry's nomination. do you think we're going to hear whether or not he's going to come on board and say he's running? >> we should probably be expecting something after the ames straw poll that occurs on august 13th. there are other republicans already competing in that straw poll. the guidance if perry runs he'll be doing it after wards. late august, perhaps early september. all kaigs are that he's going to run, but he hasn't pulled that trigger just yet. until you do, you don't know if they're going to run or not. >> we'll continue to watch and wait. thank you. >> thanks. as promised we want to get you to the white house briefing where jay carney is taking questions. >> i don't have any scheduling
8:55 am
update for the the president. the vice president is headed to capitol hill and is meeting with the senate and house democratic caucuses to talk about the deal with them. . and to answer their questions. so i think that's part of the process that you talked about. i don't have any specific about the president. yind say, i said i don't have any scheduling updates, or phone calls or conversations. he's been thoroughly engaged in this process all along through the weekend. you saw him here last night in the briefing room and will continue to be engaged. you should not take from my answer that he is not speaking to lawmakers. specifically i don't have any conversations to read out to you. >> can you tell us what message the vice president is taking to the hill today for liberal democrats who are saying this morning that the president gave up too much in this agreement? >> he will carry the message
8:56 am
that is deal negotiated with leaders of congress is a victory for the american people. let's start with point number one. the debate in this room and elsewhere in washington in the past week was would we continue for the next few months leading up to the christmas season have the uncertainty caused by a decision to relitigate the whole issue of raising the debt season with that uncertainty be continued. would that be part of any agreement? the requirement that we would vote again to raise the debt ceiling within four, five, six, ten, 12 months. the president was adamantly opposed to that. precisely because it would have such a negative impact on the economy. and i will not be part of this agreement. sit not part of this agreement. this agreement ensures that the debt ceiling will be extended through 2012. removing that cloud of
8:57 am
uncertainty from the economy. second of all, the agreement ensures that there is an initial round of spending cuts that protect vital investments that will ensure that the economy can continue to grow. protect vital things like pell grants that are a high priority for the president. and significantly ensure that there's a firewall in the discretionary spending cuts between defense and nondefense spending, which again is the kind of protection we haven't seen in a long time which is essential to making this a fair and balanced deal. then there is a committee set up by the legislation that will be bicameral and bipartisan. with equal representation between republicans and democrats and that committee will be charged with finding ways to ensure -- finding ways to reduce the deficit even further. a half trillion dollars from the. and everything is on the table
8:58 am
for that committee. everything including both entitlement reform and tax reform. let's be clear, the president thinks as you know, that the biggest possible overall accomplishment in terms of deficit reduction is a desirable goal. as long as it's balanced. he looks forward through the process set up by that committee to having that debate what our priority are. if we need to as legislated by this deal find another $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts, how are we going to do that? are we going to ask sacrifice only of middle class americans or seniors? parents of children who are disabled or are we going to ask that others including oil and gas companies, corporate jet manufacturers or the wealthiest americans share in the sacrifice? i think that is again a debate he's looking forward to. >> why should democrats be confident that you'll be able to get those commitments in this
8:59 am
special committee if you weren't able to get them upfront? >> we came very close as you know to achieving a grand bargain with the speaker of the house. let's be clear, belatedly it was conceded that in that agreement that was negotiated very pain stakingly between the speaker of the house and the president of the united states revenue was on the table. and i quote the speaker in that including $800 billion oz a minimum of revenue. so that was envisioned by the speaker as part of the grand bargain had that been achieved. secondly, we saw close to 20 republican senators endorse the ideas behind the gang of six proposal, which included not just revenue, but $2 trillion in revenue. okay, so i think there is an enormous potential here for those who work on this committee and those who then consider it with their votes to see that the best possible way to achieve significant further deficit reduction beyond the init


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